Southern Slaw™

Coleslaw with a Southern Accent

ChefBuddys® Southern Slaw™ is the perfect combination of southern tradition and modern convenience. Our healthy and delicious diced slaw is available in three flavors and delivers a scrumptious crunch to your meal inspirations.

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Our Customers are Saying...

  • I live in Northeast Alabama (Rainsville, AL), and I purchased your Green Cabbage & Carrots slaw a few weeks ago for the 1st time. I'm telling you it was the best we have ever had. I have bought other brands (Dole, etc.) and they get brown and ruin in a day or two. Yours stays fresh and tastes better than ever. I bought it at Foodland Grocery, which is a small grocery chain here. I hope our store continues to carry it. Wish we could get some more of your products. Keep up the good work!!

    - Barbara, Rainsville, AL
  • OUTSTANDING! I came across your Southern Slaw by accident and decided it would be worth a try and also eliminate my having to do the chopping. Best of the Best! Always fresh and crispy and tastes like it was just chopped. I only have to add my favorite slaw dressing and I have slaw fit for a king. Thank you for a wonderful product that I use exclusively when I want cabbage salad.

    - JoAnne, Okatie, SC
  • I have just discovered your slaw mix at our local Food Lion and our family loves it. It reminds me of the diced slaw (which is so much better than shredded) as a kid growing up at a local restaurant where I grew up. I am so happy to have found your product. I have to buy extra when I see it as it seems to sell out quickly at the store. We will not eat another kind of slaw. Thank you so much for a wonderful product.

    - Bobbi, Blue Ridge, VA
  • Delicious! Delicious! Delicious! This was my first time buying and making coleslaw. It is so good. The only variation I did (because I was almost out of mayo) was a little plain yogurt, say a tablespoon or two. I loved the fact that there are no preservatives and it's all natural. Will definitely purchase again.

    - Anonymous, Charlotte, NC
  • I love this product. I can eat it without any added ingredients. It's so convenient, no more chopping and no more mess to clean up from flying cabbage all over the counter top. I normally only eat my homemade coleslaw, made of cabbage, green pepper, onion plus mayonnaise, salt, pepper, etc., so your product is perfect. You have just the right amount of each ingredient to make a perfect taste. I even bought a bag of it for my Sis.

    - Linda, Lexington, NC
  • “I am addicted to your slaw! I had always thought that sliced cabbage made the best slaw and I would buy the angel hair style or do it myself on my homemade cabbage cutter. But one day I decided to give your chopped variety a try. I was hooked. I eat it every day. The onions and green pepper are not overpowering, they add just the right amount of flavor. But it's the CRUNCH that makes it so irresistible. It stays fresh in the bag for at least a week, if it lasts that long! I tell everybody about your great product.”

    - Karen, Greenville, SC