Southern Slaw™

Coleslaw with a Southern Accent

ChefBuddys® Southern Slaw™ delivers a scrumptious and healthy crunch in three distinct flavors: Diced Green Cabbage; Diced Cabbage, Peppers & Onions; Diced Cabbage & Carrots. And now you can try out latest product - the Southern Slaw Kit! The Southern Slaw Kit includes diced green and red cabbage, carrots and a Gluten-Free creamy Simple Southern Slaw dressing.

Diced Cabbage & Carrots

Diced Green Cabbage

Diced Cabbage, Peppers & Onions

Southern Slaw Kit

Diced Cabbage and Carrots
Diced Green Cabbage
Diced Cabbage, Peppers, & Onions
ChefBuddys Slaw Kit
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ChefBuddys Southern Slaw Kit